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East Azarbayjan or East Azarbayjan is located in the northwest of the country, bordering Armenia and the Republic of Azarbayjan, and the provinces of Ardabil, West Azarbayjan, and Zanjan. Its capital is Tabriz.
The population of East Azarbayjan is estimated around 3,603,456 people in 2009.
East Azarbayjan covers an area of 45,650 km² . The 19 counties in this province are summarized as... (Read More)


East Azarbayjan is one of the most archaic territories in Iran. During the reign of Alexander of Macedon in Iran (331 BCE), a warrior known as Attorpat led a revolt in this area, then a territory of the Medes, and thereafter it was called... (Read More)
East Azarbayjan Today
The most outstanding features from a cultural point of view are the language, Azari/Azarice, and folklore of this region. Acco... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:
Most Tabriz residents travel by car through the system of roads and highways. Tabriz is also served by taxi and bus.
Tabriz has taxi and public bus network. There are also some private groups, which provide services called... (Read More)

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